PCRC™ Field Studies 2017 2016

The Pedestrian Culture Research Center ™ (PCRC) in Berlin, is a multi-modal research center and training site dedicated to the study of developmental processes, context, and culture in the public space and its ancillary faculties. The Center was founded sequentially from 2012 to 2017 with support from curatorial benefactors such as C. Rockefeller Center for Contemporay Art, ACE Hotel, Good Times & Nocturnal News, West Germany, ARGH, WEARHAUS, Hungriger Geist, CoWorkers and Co. Inc., AETHER Berlin, and continues to exhibit, workshop, and co-opt spaces and organizations for continued research on the concomitant pedestrian experience of pedestrian landscapes and their non-contract developmental function within cultural context/s.



The educational mission of the Center is to transmit research findings, through training and dissemination, to three communities:





A portion of our collection of photographs has been digitized chronologically and can be viewed through our online catalogue, PCRC Field Studies. These include images from the intermediary-design workshops led by anndunham and WEARHAUS - images from 2016-2017.  Some images have been selected by our Psychometric Differential Processor while some are unclassified samples from our multifarious works in the field. To see videos featuring highlights from the 3-D collection of objects generated by the research study, sample the PCRC video catalogue.  As many examples of the work have been propagated in sequitur away from its original context, any classified* sample from the collection is available by application and can be viewed only at the Research Center.  Plan a visit and take advantage of all the possibilities.


Enjoy searching our digital collections and sharing your feedback, concerns and/or support.  The majority of our work remains uncatalogued, and to see this, a visit to the Research Center is required and permitted to members only. To become a member of PCRC, Go to our Research Center SURVEY page to apply for membership. For those of you who are unable to apply, hiring a freelance researcher to search on your behalf can be a very slow process.  We highly recommend our facilities as an expedient resource for any groups, organizations or individuals interested in this area.

* We understand that the practices and concepts delineated within Pedestrian Culture Research may be new to you, and it is not easy to pick up without specific direction and/or examples of practical application - We understand ! However, There ARE no examples of practical application. We can relay you to countless classical examples of unwitting elucidation on the subject. The online media research of PCRC serves to implicate antithetical yet usefully figurative approaches - precursory, tangential and completely antonymous to our study: