MARCH 2016



Ipseity and aporia - double slit experiment - two products at the store, sitting next to each other and containing the same ingredients at the same price - quantum mechanics asserts that a choice will appear to have been made -  issues of low-sustenance lifestyles - the double edged opportunity - working at the mill is one step forward and two steps back

 autarkic decision process -  days on end.



 waning formula is another charming picture of bad faith. Take a song  Since the singer is the architect of it’s own linguistic reason for assurance. the fragments that speak no language, the producer’s my own as to represent the simplest form of.

 mauvaise foi.  Without an authority of the ancients , syllabic ad hominem. . ”  The real mark of a surviving species lies in the ability to look things in the face and not take desire for reality


over-classified self finding the disclosure of everything in holographic bits, must now swap places with objectivity and see itself as a planar surface transmogrified by the blast.  All of the sudden, there are many people making a gif of a 3d rectangular plane warping about within a void, as a chunk of ocean, or a shred of fabric or liquid, scrambling to ascertain some sense out of the adolescent physics prescribed to it’s allotted sequence.  The “rigid body tag” applied to the little volumetric clones is a main companion tag for the  “collider body tag” applied to something like a plane that they are forced into contact with.  As planar viewpoints/projectors, we are taking in the cosmos, behaving  like collider bodies ,   seed, as it were, is singularity of concept.   the screen revolts . everything which lives within it seem to offend the manifold design of the universe while making replete the design of human convention.


So to explain .pngs: We have that sense.


Then there are the gallerists and artists lugging massive sculptures/relics to white rooms with white pedestals, making great efforts to improvise a void for these objects - to simulate the air of suspense.


Animism and PNGs

“Cutting out” from images (or) Subtracting something from an image in order to add it elsewhere (or) Covering it’s excess with something which appears blank - Rescuing objects/subjects for the sake of freeing them from their ill-fated compositions or  a derision of our universe.  state our visual existence.  the free-thinking world, the transparent .png or the animated gif without a background or the aspirational 3d object, is by all means a liberated soul within a garden of less-fortunate effigies.  Rectangular .jpegs and video and so on represent the only pseudo-autonomy that the public is afforded.  Like animals from the wild brought into cages, elements from the real world find their way into the confines of euclidean planes, over and over again.  + the natural state of these evocations are wild.  So they are constrained to grids, like elements on the periodic table.   An artifice of life appears within a 480x360 pixel image, within a browser , within a screen, within a room, within a building, within even more crosslines that try to wrap around the comfortable existence, sure. But what makes the idea of emancipating these images from their quadrilateral antecedents so appealing are the antecedents themselves and the glaring horror of the doctored will of everything.  So as to leave behind it’s shell of past oppression and come back to mock it as a freer form, as a revolutionary, objects are discovered, cut out, and re-posted without their “background”.  This plays a huge part in defining subjects in  media.  It’s making the subject at least feel sovereign and able. Though, it is just a feeling.  and travel.  , acts out the autotomic function of the digital media ( It’s a gigantic lizard tail which will continue to regenerate itself.)   breed and reproduce.  A strong sense of resistance and epistemic reductionism should be the first virtues of the digital media proliferator, as the online has as much to do with the ontological as another user does.


The webcam and the auxiliary format of identity

A face online is not the face. not the opening. nothing even close .

In the same way the transparent background of a .png leaves the subject of the image the look of being suspended or liberated, so do white walls behind one who is taking a webcam selfie with a black and white filter on.   The average webcam , behaving as a really cheap camera, fulfills one of the most significant roles in the ritual drama of seeing ourselves and/or one another in the same space.  It supplants the real face.


 The face, something unanimously understood and accepted as the real mark of humanity and great signifier of identity, isn’t equipped for life on the internet yet - and is why the masses must now don the watermarks of greater purposes in order to prime oneself for induction.    To be born on earth with a face is a privilege and because of the characteristics mentioned above, becomes sheer responsibility - one which will take on many other tasks and responsibilities in life. There isn’t any required* work for the face online.  It really need only take in visual and auditory stimuli.  This is an added bonus privilege to having a face. Forever tho? The product of this finagling and campaigning on users of the internet (citizens of somewhere) will be in the distortion of the viewer’s sensibilities of what reality is.


  All faces online are from the past and none of their eyes can see. This little invisible sign reading No Face Required hanging above the doorway to the internet is what gives the online user the ability to achieve great things.  Faceless users have the feeling they can romp about, detached from a great deal of the accustomed human responsibility, and experiment with the universe - usually as a specter. Moreover, an identity online can never be equated with it’s user.  An identity online is a new brand of vehicle.  It doesn’t require any kind of substantial license and registration.

The regimented aspect of society and the look and feel of it’s various offices of faculty contort online to fit into character.  The internet is familiarly at work.  It has borders and outlines.  And so, socially speaking, there is an unwritten doctrine to abide by.

One of the unwritten freedoms of this unknown constitution is:

People are a free resource.


cajoled into full disclosure.  Is this the enlightenment the prophecy foretold?

Third contemporary example for the word disclosure taken from “the Daily Beast”:

“Despite the newfound spirit of disclosure, these files have been sealed and stored in an undisclosed location.”

 “What’s on your mind?” or “Share your ..whatever whatever” and so on.

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