95 Ave B Trash Marketing

Lower Manhattan, NYC

MARCH 2016


Specious objective: get people to go to 95 Ave B quickly for a short period of time

Materials: transparencies, inkjet printer, blue painter’s tape

Photos by Helen Galioto


Meme-ing the arena - The pedestrian as an agent and self-appointed spectator within its most populated arena: sidewalks (within a large city) slimly references the contemporaneity of a perpetual heaping of garbage in NYC and its most distinguished arbitrary receptacle. Likewise, the designated time slot for the advertisement has the capability to act as an auxiliary frame set against the temporal medial zone of vertically-accruing garbage in one of these small bins.  This short window of opportunity motivates the form of the advertisement to ready itself multimodal, as it holds even more garbage at its salient position atop the innards of the corner object (sought out to be approximately half-to-nearly-full).  It is read quickly and it is quickly transported (removed from display) as it becomes legitimate garbage by default of placement. The pathos of this particular marketing ploy is one of circular logic: that by mimicking the market or the arena and/or the current disposition of the pedestrian, the advertisement as a formal material becomes a mirror for the pedestrian - sculptural and reflective. The projected self-refuting attitude of the ad within its self-destructive position represents a visual chiasmus, whereby the assimilated physicality of each the artifice and the authentic object allows them to trade influence, to bolster each other by a sort of cross-promotion. The workload and/or enterprise of each object is instantaneously initiated within its placement - synchronously negated and posited by their directive affiliation with each other.  Signature placement of the advertisement within its lookalike pedestal, synonymous with the undesirable or terminable, frames the innominate marketing endeavor as plight and creates a counterfactual thought… of the ad having no consequent program or currency - making known an unknown misconception - There are free, vulnerable, highly exploitable areas within these pedestrian zones. The kamikaze behavior of the ad’s functional design is an act towards the economical standard of ads and waste and their equivocation - as well as the propensity of the artist (promoter) to both disperse oneself and dispel extraneous actions (promotions) away from its origin.