• bare (bahe
  • skank
  • neek
  • ended up at her yard
  • get down on her yard
  • moist (bit of a dick yeah?) (tight with munnay)
  • Maaaaadddd!!!!
  • Me always ah talk bout dem yah mad south duppy dem….. All di man dem ah sum psycho walkin AIDS motherfuckers truss!!!
  • famz
  • alisha
  • sasha
  • 4 dat
  • sha (shut up)
  • wowzers
  • ^girls say dat
  • “star”, “fam”, “man”, “safe”, “peak
  • U Fink UR Pissed?
  • I LIVE in South! I cant Escape Dem Crazy, Riotin’, bring der baby to da pub, infected death carrier Bitchez!
  • N Dey Ryde Out too! I Mean, SERIOUSLY deese scary South bitchez are ACTUALLY RIDIN’ OUT!
  • Oh Shit Wait!
  • MY Chicks From South, Shit! Im goin Home n Chekkin da Top Bunk NOOOOW!
  • yungerz
  • mckenzie brothers own everything
  •  “Riots from Wrong”
  •  Growing Crops”

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